Brotherhood Member - Elder Vampire


Alley: Yes
Deceased: No
Last Known Location: Beaclair


Known to the people of Toussaint as the Beast of Beaclair, Dettlaff is an Elder Vampire involved in the killings and multiple Toussaint Aristocrats. In years prior, Dettlaff was living a simple life, being one of the premier toy makers in Beaclair. Dettlaff had actually found love, married, and had a young child, Emily. One day, he found his wife dead, and his child gone. It became known to him that his wife was murdered and child kidnapped by a malicious cult with unknown motives. They threatened to hurt his daughter if he did not follow their commands, which were to kill a number of nobles in the area at specific times and dates. After killing in a tavern, Dettlaff ran into the party, who gave chase. After being stopped by his old friend Regis, he hid away from the party, continuing to follow the orders of the cult until the party was able to track down the bandit camp that held the girl and liberate her. Dettlaff did not know this, and so continued to follow his orders, which culminated in the assassination of Empress Catherine. The party, with Regis and little Emily, prevent Dettlaff in killing the Empress and were able to stay his execution or life imprisonment by an order from the Empress for them to take charge of Dettlaff in the Brotherhood.


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